Top Reasons to Rent an Abbotsford Apartment

Renting in Abbotsford | January 25, 2018

At BE Investments, we know that the market for renting an apartment in Abbotsford is booming. That is why we work hard to create and provide Abbotsford’s growing population with high-quality rental apartments, such as Robertson Place, that are more affordable than renting in other urban areas. If you are thinking about moving to Abbotsford, here are the top reasons to rent an Abbotsford apartment.

1. Local Services

Abbotsford is a full-fledged city in British Columbia that offers a wide range of local services and amenities close at hand. From shopping to restaurants and everything in between, Abbotsford offers all of the services that you need on a daily basis. Transit is also easily accessible to get you where you need to go within the city limits, with connections available for traveling to nearby cities. Abbotsford even boasts its own airport, which acts as a secondary hub for Canadian travellers. If you are looking for places to rent in British Columbia, Abbotsford is a top choice.

2. Family Friendly Community

With a great variety of top rated family restaurants, public schools, and parks, Abbotsford is, first and foremost, a family friendly community. If you are new to the area, there are many different art and culture events that are often free to the public and are great for the whole family to participate in. Abbotsford is also located close to the Sumas border crossing, making it easy to take the family on a fun day trip across the border or to setup a cross border shipping service box to help cut down on shipping costs for online purchases.

3. Manageable Rental Costs

One of the many perks that Abbotsford has to offer is manageable rental apartment costs. How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Abbotsford? It can vary depending on the location; however, compared to large cities like Vancouver, Abbotsford offers apartment rental prices that the average person will not find daunting. Abbotsford also offers less traffic and less people than larger cities, which can help you save money and time on a daily basis.

If you would like to learn more about the top reasons to rent an Abbotsford apartment, or if you are interested in renting at one of our properties, please contact BE Investments at 604-855-0078 or by filling out a contact form on our website.