Top 3 Reasons to Move to Chilliwack

Living in Chilliwack | August 30, 2018

Knowing the top 3 reasons to move to Chilliwack can help you determine whether or not it is the best place for you to live. At BE Investments, we understand how important it is for you to love the place you live. That is why each of our properties are located in some of the best cities BC has to offer.

1. Surrounded by Natural Attractions

Located among a variety of different natural attractions, Chilliwack is the ideal area for people who want to feel as if nature is right at their doorstep. While Chilliwack is nestled closer to the interior of BC, it is still close enough to Vancouver that it offers a similarly moderate climate. Thanks to the more moderate climate, many of the sites and natural attractions, such as hiking trails and campgrounds, are open most months of the year.

2. Offers a Small-Town Feel

While Chilliwack is far from being in the middle of nowhere, it still offers a small-town feel when compared to the hustle and bustle of living in Vancouver. Along with its small-town feel, Chilliwack invokes a sense of having more time for leisurely activities, such as exploring the quaint shops and cafes along Mill Street.

3. Boasts Affordability

Compared to living in Vancouver, Chilliwack boasts overall affordability in terms of gas prices, car insurance prices, and housing prices. Moving to the Chilliwack area can be a great way to help cutdown on costs, as long as you are not commuting long distances to work every day.

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